Whether you are an Online Marketer or Blogger, you should consider guest blogging as a technique of building links and exposure in your field. You can always submit guest post on HuntForDigital.com

Here is a short brief about this blog:

HuntForDigital is a Digital Marketing blog which covers articles based on different trends and techniques in the field of Digital Marketing such as SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate Marketing, App Marketing, Web-Analytics etc.

Before you decide to submit guest post or contribute an article, let me jot down some points or guidelines for you to consider:

  • Only Articles related to Digital Marketing are acceptable. Articles written on any random topic other than Digital Marketing will not be accepted. (PS: For a quick idea about categories or topics related to Digital Marketing, head over to home section of blog and check out categories that are acceptable)

  • Minimum length of Article should be 800 words.

  • Before approval, your article will be checked for any type of duplicate content or plagiarism. So, make sure your article is unique. Plagiarized articles will not be accepted. (PS: I recommend you to proof-read your article for any grammatical errors or plagiarism.)

  • You can submit one feature image with your article. In case if you want more images to be added in your article than you can send them with an email (mailto: admin@huntfordigital.com). Make sure to use this subject line : Additional Images required!.

  • HuntForDigital respects value of individual work. So, if your article is related to other (individual) contribution or any interview, you are free to give them a credit. Feel free to credit their name in the article. The same rule applies for images too. If you feel that your images may be subjected to copyright, feel free to mention credit or source. (PS: Images can be checked for copyright)

  • You are allowed to give one or two(Max) link in your author bio. Just add simple website url (www.example.com) in your bio, I promise that will be published as a link. (PS: You can add your bio inside post’s body section (Below your post’s content). Make sure, it is limited to 160 words (Max).)

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