HuntForDigital Privacy Policy

INTRODUCTION or HuntForDigital website/ blog Privacy policy is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. We, at HuntForDigital respects your privacy rights and want to give you confidence that your information with us is safe and confidential at the same time. We acknowledge that we are committed to fair practices of information and safeguarding your privacy.

What type of Information we collect?

We may collect following information from you:

  • Your Full Name

  • Your Email Address

  • Message details you send us for enquiry or feedback purpose

[NOTE: In case, you might want to modify/ remove your information with us, contact us from our contact page.]

When will we update our policy next time?

We have full rights for the updation of our privacy policy and we can update it anytime. In case of updation, we will provide a prior notice on the website regarding privacy policy update.


However, in order to maintain transparency between us, we are enclosing you whether your information can be tracked by third party sites or not. Third party sites such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube can still track your information. You might want to consider reading their respective privacy policy rules in case you want to know.

What additional information can we collect?

  • Traffic data – We use traffic tracking softwares such as “Google Analytics” through which we analyze our sites traffic and interaction of visitors. However, the “traffic data” we collect does not identify or reveal your personal information.

  • Cookies – Cookies are small files stored in your browser which helps in data collection. We might use cookies to collect your information which is only for improving your website experience.

What we do with your personal information?

As mentioned above, HuntForDigital respects your privacy rights. Hence we promise not to share your personal information with anyone without law consent or pressure. However, we might also partner with affiliates sites. In case, you purchase anything from the site which was provided on site as an affiliate, your information such as Email or name might be shared.


In case, we are required to disclose the personal information as per law, we might do so only to (a) Comply with the policy of law (b) Protect the rights of website (c) under exigent circumstances to protect the safety of site users.

However, we won’t do so due to any personal obligations or offense.


We comply and abide all the rules mentioned in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA act). In case of any copyright infringement, we will use necessary measures to safeguard our content which comply to the DMCA act guidelines. In such case, if we find out that you are the party that is alleged to infringe then we might require to disclose your identity by filling copyright complaint.


The site boasts of certain security measures such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL)to prevent the loss of information in case of any theft, loss or misuse. However, we also provide you no assurance about our ability to prevent any such mishappening which is out of our control.


If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of our site, you can contact us from the “contact us” link provided on site’s header.