If you are familiar with basics of SEO and Digital Marketing, you might have come across tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. You must have used both of these tools respectively to analyze your website traffic and control your website index and crawl status.

But, wait..

Do you know that you can also link your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts together?

Are you aware that you can view your analytics data side by side with search console data with more clarity about the keywords your visitor clicks on when they happen to land on your website from search results?

In case you are not aware, here I am going to jot down some steps using which you can link google analytics and webmaster tools with each other.

Now, you will wonder why I should link my Google Analytics and search console together?

Benefits to Link Google Analytics and Search Console

Well, you should link Google Analytics and search console together because by doing so you can easily interpret the search results and interactions taking place on your website at the same time.

Integrating your google analytics data with search console will complement your SEO efforts for a longer run. It’s like a cherry on your SEO cake which you will love to eat.

There is no doubt that both of these tools possess a plethora of benefits when used separately in terms of search engine optimization and blogging.

But, think for a while…

What if you can have advantage of viewing data insights of both these tools from a single platform?

It sounds amazing, right??

Yes it does.

When you link google analytics and search console with each other than you will have the advantage of viewing the data in a combined view altogether in parallel reports.

This comes as an advantage when you don’t have to navigate between both of these tools separately when you can analyze your website’s performance report straight from the analytics dashboard.

The reports will be combined all together with the landing page level. With the single Google Analytics dashboard, you will be able to view the integrated form of Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion metrics.

This integration comes as a result of one important update among several Google algorithm updates that happened in past. The update that was released in May 2016, gave webmasters full control to integrate both the accounts together. Google confirmed about the update from their Analytics blog and claimed that with this update users can see how well their website performed in organic search.

Personal Experience : A Look Inside the Integrated Reports

When I integrated and linked my Google Analytics and Search Console with each other, I observed that the report gave me some rich SEO insights data such as keyword ranking, search position, and search impression data through my Analytics dashboard.

I was excited to see the data consistency Google had provided along with this integration service.

In the below image, you will see the metrics, you are going to analyze once you integrate and link your Google analytics with Google Webmaster tools.

Google Analytics-Search Console metrics

These metrics will be shown for the dimensions such as Landing Pages, Countries and Devices. Since the integration is done at the Landing page level, reports for the dimensions such as Landing Pages, Countries and Devices section will contain both the reports from Google Analytics and Search Console (See Image)

Metrics for Landing Page

Metrics for Country

Metrics for Devices

whereas Queries report will provide you the same old Acquisition metrics from Google Analytics data.

The combined report can be seen under the “Search Console” Tab provided under Acquisition metrics in Google Analytics (See Image). Google reported that the tab will replace “Search Engine Optimization” tab which used to be under the Acquisition tab in old versions of analytics software by Google.

Google Analytics- Search Console Integration

Undoubtedly, such kind of report will be very useful in your SEO efforts.

By integrating together these two features, three benefits which you will be entitled to are:

  1. Combined data insights about Website performance from a single dashboard

  2. A deep insight about how well your website’s main keywords are performing (CTR, Average position along with no. of clicks and sessions)

  3. Extremely important for achieving quick SEO goals from your SEO efforts

Now, that you are aware of the benefits, let’s look at the step by step procedure to link Google Analytics and Search Console with each other:

How to Link Google Analytics and Search Console : Step-by-Step Guide

STEP 1: Sign in to your Google Analytics account

STEP 2: Navigate to ‘admin’ section (See Image)

STEP 3: Click on “Property settings” under Property bar. (See Image)

Admin section of Google Analytics

STEP 4: Under the Property settings tab, you will find a list of verified properties you have linked with your email account. Scrolling down, you will found ‘search console’ option inside the “Property settings” option. Click on it, following window will open. (See Image)

Search Console integration with Analytics

STEP 5: In case, your website is already linked, you will see the URL of your website in the next window. (See Image)

Search console settings

If, it is not there then you have not linked your Search Console data with Google Analytics. On clicking on “edit”, you can integrate it with Analytics. (See Image)

Search console settings 2


If you haven’t linked your Google Analytics with Google Webmaster tools then it is high time, you should do this. You should be able to link both by following the above-mentioned steps. Even though both tools can be better analyzed separately but integrating them with each other will help you to analyze your website’s performance in the longer run.

If you succeed in linking both these tools, please make me know in comments about the experience you had after the integration.

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2 thoughts on “How to Link Google Analytics and Search Console

  1. Abaas Tariq says:

    it is a known fact that google analytics and search console give different data many times for same parameters such as no of clicks so in such case which one should be preferred?

    1. Google Analytics will only show no. of clicks data when it is integrated with Google webmaster. Analytics will only show you analytical data in the form of dimensions and metrics such as city, browser, age and no. of sessions, pageviews, bounce rate respectively.

      Succinctly put, Analytics will show you how visitors interact on your website and webmaster will show you how your website performs on google.

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