World today is witnessing a great evolutionary change in Online Marketing trends. The idea with which you had successfully executed a digital marketing campaign yesterday may not be the idea which you needed today. Having said that, if you are a digital marketer then you need to be ready to face the turbulence which is exacerbated as a result of more technological advancements in the traditional marketing industry. With the introduction of new marketing software’s that have enhanced the way of digital tracking, it is more of a challenging task for a Digital Marketer to analyze and execute a successful Digital Marketing Strategy. With challenge comes great responsibility and more responsibility needs great preparation. Companies now are looking for those candidates who have diverse digital Marketing skills with good understanding of how to work on latest software’s and how to successfully run a digital marketing campaign.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a creative fellow or a highly motivated team player, learning important skills of Digital marketing will help you to build your favorite audience.

Following are the most in demand Digital Marketing skills desired by employers & companies for the year 2017 & beyond:

  1. Inbound Marketer/ SEO Specialist

    With Google coming with more matured algorithms to target websites, SEO is not only limited to visibility on SERP. In fact, it is certainly not dead. It is continuously evolving and growing. Content is now most prominent part of SEO and it stand alone can give you an upper hand as compared to your competitors. Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that involves traffic engagement using media such as social media, content, advertisement etc. According to an article published by Smart Ensights , Inbound marketing will be the most desired skill by companies in upcoming future.

  2. PPC Executive Another most in demand digital marketing skill needed to master is Pay Per Click (PPC). Pay Per Click is an online advertising model in which the advertiser needed to pay every time his ads are clicked on a website. Though demand for such type of skill is high because there is very strong competition between websites to rank at number first provided with the right budget but due to the talent gap, finding such person is very tricky as well.

    In order to master the skill of PPC executive, you need to be good at maths and implementing strategies at the same time. Understanding Google Adwords fundamentals and analyzing traffic with the help of Google Analytics will be a plus point, to begin with. Your primary goal in this field will be to grasp the top most position on SERP with the smallest budget possible.

  3. Social Media Expert

    Today, Social Media has become the nerve of Internet. Seldom, you will find anyone who is not familiar with social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest. Top Companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are using social media to attract their valuable customers. Today, Social media marketing is not just limited to promoting the content to gather the audience. It is much more than that. In order to master social media marketing, you need to understand the basics of copywriting, analytics, content development and visual marketing. You must learn to implement paid social media marketing which can act as an important USP in your resume. Understanding SMM is no rocket science. It is difficult and hence it is considered as a highly paid skill in Digital Marketing.

  4. Content Marketer/ Curator

    Needless to say, Content Marketing is the hottest discussed topic in Digital Marketing. You might have heard SEO’s saying that “A Good Content is King”. Well, that’s so true. A good content attracts visitors like an invisible magnet does. Though, it’s not that much easier to master this skill as a good content requires much creativity, thought process and marketing. Content marketing and curating is also considered as a most in demand online marketing skill in today’s era as no website can attract quality visitors unless it holds high-quality content.

  5. Analytics Expert

    No Marketing campaign is complete without Analytics. A successful marketing campaign consists of testing, tracking and analyzing data so as to understand about the needed improvements in your marketing strategy. In order to become a best digital marketer, you must know to how to analyze the important matrices of your analytics report. It is a much-needed skill as it is important to track the result of your marketing strategy.

  6. Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is the most effective way to convert your marketing prospect into your potential customers. In fact, Email Marketing and Content Marketing goes hand on hand in your digital campaign. A good email list helps in strengthening your relationship with the customer and also helps you in sharing your niche-specific content with your target audience. If you master this skill then it would be a plus point for you to get hired with the good pay scale. Having said that, if you can write catchy emails that can generate few conversions then you’d make your way in this industry with good demand. If you know how to build a good email list from scratch then it will really help you in achieving a good result in your marketing campaign. By learning this prominent skill, you can make your client knocking down your door for work.

Conclusion: To sum up, Digital Marketing is much-needed skill which may help you in reaching out to your valuable customers. It does not matter whether you are indulge in any entrepreneurial venture, looking for a job or working as a freelancer, knowing these important skills will give your career a boost. So, make a habit of learning these skills and see your business growing day by day.

So, which of these skills you are looking for? Make us know in comments!
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