Advertising is costly. Especially, for those business owners who still prefer traditional marketing techniques over digital ones. However, when you are running a small business that survives on a shoe-string budget, the best way to market your products and brand is with content marketing. All you need to do is write good guest posts and get them published on a website. This is an excellent opportunity to reach out to your potential audience by using your expertise and informative content.

As easy as it sounds, many are still unaware of how to write a guest post and what to do with it after it goes live. However, we’ve got it all sorted out for you. All you need to do is read on and learn how to write a guest post and what to do with it after it gets published.

1.     Find Relevant Domains

A guest post has the potential to give your company the exposure you have been searching for in front of a vast audience. However, that is only effective if you are successful in finding relevant websites where the audience shows interest in your particular industry. Search terms like “submit a guest post”, “write for us” Or even “guest blogging” can help you find article submission websites.

Here are a few aspects that you should consider while finding a guest post submission website.

  • The site or blog is visually appealing and signifies that it is being managed If you publish content on amateur or poorly developed sites, you might fall under the radar of being called a non-professional business.
  • Mostly, the audience on these types of websites is either influencers or prospects. If you post content different from the market niche of the guest post site, readers will show no interest. This eventually means you are targeting the wrong audience.
  • The website is flooded with traffic. No harm in writing for a site that has moderate traffic, but you know how they say it, “the more, the merrier”!

2.     Do Your Research

Once you’ve shortlisted the websites that you believe are perfect for pitching, and you are sure that these websites accept guest posts, consider looking at the following factors before actually contacting them.

  • How much time do they take to review and publish an article?
  • Identify their audience. Are they the same as your website?
  • Are these platforms credible? Check their Alexa rank and social profiles.
  • You need to suggest them with topics, have you checked if they have covered them in the past?
  • What level of content do they publish? Do you have the skills to match their criteria?
  • Who are you contacting? Have you taken the time to get your hands on the email address of the editor himself?

3.     Prove Yourself!

When sending your first email, you’ll have to highlight which industry you belong to and show the moderators that you have the expertise and skills to write good guest posts. Provide them with a list of past guest posts that you’ve written and are live. In addition, you should also provide a few attractive titles to indicate how capable and creative you are.

Add links to your social media profiles and your website. After going through your site and profiles, it will encourage the moderators to accept your guest post request.

4.     Follow Their Guest Post Guidelines

Different websites have their own set of rules that need to be followed in order for your guest post to get published. Some may ask for topic ideas first, while others only allow you to submit your article through a form directly.

Regardless of how strict or lenient their guidelines are, you have to follow them. This signifies that you are a professional content producer and know how to respect each websites rules and regulations. However, if you feel that maybe you can produce better content by not following a specific rule, (e.g. the word count), feel free to email them and take their permission first.

5.     Write with a Purpose

Your content should always be written with a clear goal. Are you writing to boost your traffic? Or are you looking for a way to improve the quality of leads that you get for your products? Whatever the reason may be, think about it before you write your content. You need to produce content in contrast to your goals if you really want to achieve them.

6.     Promote Your Guest Post

Your guest post is live, that means your job is done. No, it’s not!

Once your blog is published, it’s your job to promote it by sharing it on your social media profiles. With a good social presence, you can expect loads of traffic. Apart from that, add a link of the published article on media or internal blogs to create back-links. In addition, you also need to give time to your readers by replying to every comment that gets posted beneath your guest post. A friendly and professional attitude will plainly put you in a win-win position.

Since it takes six to eight attempts for a customer actually to make a purchase decision in your favor, one guest post shouldn’t be the end of the world for you. You need to continue publishing as many guest posts as you can. However, maintain your quality of writing and research for success. The six tips mentioned above are the stepping stones you need to walk on to become an expert guest blogger who can write excellent guest posts.

Are you ready to create an exceptional guest post? Share your useful feedback in the comment’s section below.

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